Result Driven Services

Applied Clinical Services (ACS) provides a flexible and cost-effective approach to the health care industry in meeting the increasing clinical evidence-based requirements to help companies grow and develop their business in the European markets.

The process of clinical evidence collection is a costly and time consuming activity and requires careful planning especially with the current regulatory and economic pressures. ACS has developed clinical evidence strategies for products in several areas and has gained specialized knowledge on health economic outcomes in relation to the design of clinical trials. By leveraging this expertise ACS can help you plan strategically to collect and present the clinical evidence needed to overcome regulatory, reimbursement, Health Technology Assessment Agency, and behavioral barriers to ensure commercialization of your product in the most cost effective way.

Being based in The Netherlands near the German border, and mastering Dutch, German, and English, ACS can help her clients to increase efficiency in the process of clinical evidence collection and presentation in Europe especially in Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, and UK.

Clinical Product Strategy development

Clinical Product Strategy development tailored to your business needs includes the following key elements:

  • identification of clinical evidence needs in discussion with in- and external stakeholders,
  • definition of a clinical program including concept proposals to ensure the best possible trial design, and
  • a focused evidence based publication and sales training strategy.
Clinical Project Design and management

ACS helps to plan and execute a successful clinical trial program from start to finish by providing the follwoing services:

  • project management, including CRO oversight and auditing,
  • development of clinical study documents like the Study Protocol, ICF, and Monitoring Plan, and
  • training of study teams on ISO 14155, ICH GCP (E6), Device Related Event reporting (MEDDEV 2.7.3 and 2.12.1), and the Study Protocol in line with your needs.
Clinical Evidence presentation

Besides with ’standard’ publications, ACS can help to maximize your return on investment by providing the following tailor made services in the area of Clinical Evidence presentation:

  • generation of marketing & sales clinical materials
  • training of marketing and sales on the use of clinical evidence materials.
Site monitoring

ACS can help you to ensure ethical, scientifc, and regulatory integrity of your clinical evidence by perfoming activities related to study initiation and interim monitoring visits. ACS also maintains strong and constructive relationships with investigative sites to ensure successful trial progress, and being based in The Netherlands and mastering Dutch, German, and English can help to reduce travel costs and increase efficiency for projects in Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, and UK.

About ACS

ACS is committed to achieve better patient outcomes in health care industry for a healthier future by ensuring that product safety and efficacy claims are supported by adequate clinical evidence. ACS achieves this by providing a cost-effective innovative approach to medical companies on strategic clinical evidence planning and presentation, using her more than 20 years experience in clinical research.