Our Team

Our team consists of skilled clinical research professionals spread out over a European network, are experienced with medical devices, have a pro-active attitude, and have an extensive knowledge base with respect to the latest medical device clinical trial regulations.

Through our team, Applied Clinical Services (ACS) draws on clinical strategic insights gained from more than 30 years of clinical and commercial experience in the different elements of the clinical evidence collection process in medical device industry, including strategic clinical evidence planning, clinical evaluations, clinical trial design and management, site monitoring and auditing.

Areas of expertise

ACS has developed a unique combination of expertise in all aspects of the clinical evidence collection process, specifically in the area of medical devices, due to involvement in clinical evidence planning in discussion with in- and external stakeholders for alignment early in the market introduction process, in health economic outcomes, in feasibility, pre-market and post-market clinical trials, in large scale registries, and in physician sponsored clinical studies. Clinical Research Projects concerned products in the area of cardiology, diagnostics, dialysis, gynecology, oncology, ophthalmology, urology, vascular, and woundcare.

Dr. Annet Muetstege, CEO

The ACS team has been growing substantially in the last decade, and I very much enjoy working with each and every one of the highly skilled professionals on my team. The diversity of clinical research in the medical device area, and the changing European medical device regulatory environment, make it an interesting and sometimes challenging area to work in, but due to our size, experience, short communication lines, and flexibility, we develop practical clinical solutions together with our clients. Being as little bureaucratic as possible given our line of work, we are present and reachable for our clients, while aiming to contribute to higher patient safety standards. Even after more than 25 years in this area, I am learning every day from my team, making me proud to be part of it.

Small enough to care, big enough to make a difference!